Our Services

Custodial Doors, Windows and Furniture

From initial design through to final installation, we use our years of experience to create the perfect secure solution tailored specifically to your needs. This includes access to a variety of window and door designs that meet the ever-changing requirements of modern secure facilities.

ModSec (Modular Security)

Modern building requirements sometimes come with a fast manufacture and completion requirement. Steelfinne's Modular Security System (ModSec) offers ultimate security paired with convenience of design flexibility, ease of accessibility within existing facilities, reduced cost and rapid build times.

Handcuff Drop-bolt & Meal Hatch

Steelfinne offer a full range of ply/steel laminate and fabricated steel doors that include the incorporation of vision panels, food pass hatches and locking systems.

HVA Hinges

Patented by Steelfinne Fabrications, the HVA (Horizontal and Vertical Adjustment) Hinge ensures our heavy doors can be adjusted on both planes. Due to finer tolerances in many custodial locking systems, the HVA ensures adjustment is easy and precise at any stage of the door life. HVA hinges were installed at the Melbourne Assessment Prison in 1988 and remain in service without showing any signs of significant wear or fatigue.

Available in standard, DPS and Power Transfer configurations.

Bohler K700 Austenitic Manganese Steel

University of Queensland testing has proven Bohler K700 to be a superior steel over standard manufactured steel due to its greater tool and cutting resistance. It can be welded and hot dip galvanised without compromising its performance integrity or the overall strength of door and window assemblies.

Fire Rated

Steelfinne has developed our Secure Modular wall and ceiling system to achieve a 60/60/60 fire certification along with a world standard 120/120/120 fire certified secure door unit.

Research & Development

Steelfinne are progress leaders in improvements to secure facilities and adaptations of operational requirements. We are constantly researching, developing and establishing new products and standards.

Local Standard Compliance

Steelfinne’s designs are continually changing to meet the individual needs of security containment facilities together with door, window and modular cell design developments. This encompasses fire performance ratings, thermal performance ratings and physical and ballistic attack levels.