Company History

Since 1980, Steelfinne Fabrications has been at the forefront of design development, manufacture and installation of Architectural finishes [Melbourne Underground Rail Loop] and major correctional and containment facilities in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. From beginnings at the Melbourne Remand Centre, our maintained market leadership has been made possible by continual evolution and design development in our products, manufacturing processes and knowledge.


Steelfinne is the market leader in the provision of products and systems for Corrections, Police, National Security, Government and Law Courts, and Mental Health. We established national benchmarks for correctional facility standards across the country that continue to be used today. Steelfinne offers everything from small repairs and upgrades in existing facilities to entire fit-outs of new and modern facilities for Corrections and Police.

Steelfinne Today

While looking to the future of our industry, we continue to research and develop better, safer and higher quality products and practices for the ever-changing needs of the modern world.


Meet The Staff

Glenn Dickson

Managing Director

Eddie Villa

General Manager

Grant Bower

Australasian Site Manager

David Warren

Project Manager

Mark O’Hara

Contract & Project Manager

Kayla Pattinson

Project Manager

Korey Graham

Production Manager

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